Easter is an event that blows my mind! It totally defies human comprehension! Why would a perfect being like Jesus willingly give his life for imperfect people who could never deserve or repay his sacrifice? A sacrifice involving his dying one of the most agonizing inhumane deaths the mind of man had concocted at that time—death on a cross. Why? Think about it. Jesus was not a victim of his circumstances, a mere pawn in life’s game of life and death. He had a choice. He could have Read more [...]

Some Things I Don’t Understand

(This article by Kitty Chappell was first published in The Sierra Star, Oakhurst, California on May 5, 1994 in conjunction with the National Day of Prayer) I have driven automobiles for over 40 years and I still don’t understand how their engines work. I merely aim the car in the direction I want to go and press the gas pedal. By rote I drive them to places that expose me to hard work, frustration, beauty, fun, and inspiration. I have learned the hard way that a car won’t go anywhere without Read more [...]

Do’s and Dont’s for a Happy New Year

DO’S   1.    Each day, think of five things you are most thankful for. The happiest individuals are those who are always grateful—regardless of their circumstances.   2.   Laugh more. When was the last time you enjoyed a deep, carefree belly laugh? Laughter releases endorphins, relieves stress, keeps you young, and definitely makes you more popular.   3.   Give people the benefit of the doubt. It is far better to think the best of a person and be wrong Read more [...]


She stood there, reflecting upon her actions as she had been instructed, her five-year-old mind searching for possible excuses but finding none. She was guilty—too much evidence and no alibi. Tears pooled in her large blue eyes as she slowly raised them to meet those of her parents. Her father spoke gently, but firmly. “We are sorry, too, sweetheart.  But this isn’t the first time—how many times have we warned you, but you didn’t listen. So now you will have to live with the consequences.” Her Read more [...]

Love Wins

Love Wins
Very aware that I’m neither young nor beautiful enough to turn heads, I was puzzled the first time I dashed into my local grocery store without changing from my jeans and top—and noted some men glancing my way a second time. What’s going on—do I look that bad? I asked myself. Then I realized they were looking at the words on the front of my tee shirt which proclaims simply “Love Wins.” Noting their puzzled brows, I could imagine them mentally asking “Does love win? Is good really Read more [...]

Lou Ann’s Gift

Happy New Year
"I love you, Kitty," she said, voice breaking with emotion over the phone. "I love you, too, Lou Ann," I said gently, surprised. It’s not that Lou Ann and I were close friends. We had never said those words to each other before. We had never socialized personally or visited over coffee. As with many who are active in a large church, our contact was limited primarily to one area. She was the church pianist and I was a choir member and soloist. As my accompanist, she was ideal—following Read more [...]

Is Jesus Really the “Reason for the Season”?

Hmmm . . . Is Jesus Really the “Reason for the Season”? The answer to that question depends upon a person’s perspective. Some individuals don’t care what the Christmas season is about—just celebrate it, ban it, or ignore it. Others, who declare it loudly and fight for the right to do so, believe that Jesus is The Reason for the Season—yet privately admit they dread it, endure it and can’t wait for it to leave. Of course, all children long for it, love it, and enjoy it. But Read more [...]

What’s in a name . . . tag?

It seems there is a label for every phobia under the sun. Fortunately, I’m unaware of personally possessing any real phobias . . . certainly not aerophobia since I love to fly. Nor do I suffer from claustrophobia for I often snooze during MRI studies (maybe that’s because kitties like to curl up in dark, confined places to nap.)  I did suffer a temporary case of scolionophobia as a child (fear of school) but outgrew that. I like dogs and cats so I don’t suffer from cynophobia or ailurophobia. Read more [...]

What Do You Know That Isn’t So?

My heart pounded! I was about to test a life-long belief that, if correct, could cause my death—or close to it. A belief imparted to me as fact by people whom I trusted the most—my parents, all of my relatives on both sides, and literally every person I knew who claimed any knowledge on the subject. Poke salad greens are toxic. Poke Greens, Pokeweed, Poke salad, salat, or sallett, as it is commonly referred to, was the first wild plant I learned to recognize as a child growing up in East Read more [...]

Bah, Humbug! Christmas Decorations in August?

It was only a few weeks ago, mid-August, when I saw the beautifully-decorated faux Christmas trees in my local Sam’s Club. I was excited! I soon realized, however, that not everyone shared my feelings. My heart sank as I heard a male voice at the end of the aisle loudly parroting an old refrain: “These greedy merchants! They put out Christmas decorations earlier every year!” Really? Are the merchants greedy—or practical? I thought of my below comments on this subject in my eBook, Friendship—When Read more [...]