Soaring Above the Ashes on the Wings of Forgiveness

None of them had escaped his brutality—her mother, younger siblings—not even the family pets. As the firstborn of three children, Kitty felt it her duty to protect her family, but how? Her father had vowed he would kill them if they tried to escape or sought outside help. Despite his threats, they did escape—briefly—but Kitty’s father found them. While the family slept, he tried to murder their sleeping mother, leaving quietly only after he thought she was dead. But by the grace Read more [...]

Friendship… When It’s Easy and When It’s Not

Let’s face it, everyone wants friends, but some individuals just don’t make it easy! Friendship: When It’s Easy And When It’s Not focuses on the different types of individuals in our lives: the sunny friends who encourage us, the negative friends who drain our energy, the critical friends who steal our confidence  . . . Read More... Read more [...]

Good Mews

God placed cats on earth with a special mission—to provide unconditional love and support to the people in their lives. In Good Mews, Kitty Chappell captures the playful and inquisitive characteristics we all love about this grace-full species, and her uplifting stories parallel real life circumstances in light of God’s view. It's a simple and fun approach to understanding ourselves, God, and maybe even our cats a little better. Read More... Read more [...]