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Good Mews
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God placed cats on earth with a special mission – to provide unconditional love and support to the people in their lives. In Good Mews, Kitty Chappell captures the playful and inquisitive characteristics we all love about this grace-full species, and her uplifting stories parallel real life circumstances in light of God’s view. It’s a simple and fun approach to understanding ourselves, God, and maybe even our cats a little better.


God knew there’d be times
When we’d need a friend -
A soft gentle creature
Who’d love to the end.
A friend who has grace,
and patience and class.
So, He searched all of heaven
And then sent us cats.

…Kitty Chappell



Miss Middy’s garden of paradise was under attack. She crawled away on her belly in retreat—again. Could she ever find the courage to face her attacker? Then one day . . . (p149)

El Gato Gordo, in search of the starlit night he longed for, tried every door to the outside but with the same result—foiled by icy rain. So he did the unexpected . . . (p119)

Smokey was upset! He felt his owner hadn’t dealt harshly enough with the newly-arrived ill-bred kitten and its lack of respect for house rules. So, he took matters into his own paws . . . (p35)

Do you ever find yourself getting into trouble, trying to avoid it, or stirring it up? You will relate to each of the author’s cats in Good Mews and maybe learn something about yourself —as she did.


I bought Good Mews as soon as it was released because I have an animal loving 12-year-old daughter. We don’t own a cat, but we have a dog we love a lot! I found that much of what Kitty Chappell says about cats really speaks to the heart of any animal lover. So many of her cute stories reminded me of our dog. And the lessons learned apply to all people, not just cat lovers. So even if you don’t like cats, you’ll still love this book! Also, my daughter LOVES Good Mews. We are reading it as her nightly devotion. The lessons Kitty learns from her kitties are entertaining and easy enough for a child to understand, yet profound enough to impact one’s life. This is a book for all ages! You’ve got to get it–and buy one for a friend! It’s a great gift book.

- Linda Carlblom (

This is a precious inspirational book, with delightful stories about cats. Even if you’re not particularly a cat lover, you will enjoy it. The inspirational messages will brighten your day, comfort you and guide you every day. A nice gift for anyone at most any age.

Charlene Poulos

I received this book as a birthday present and thought it would be a cheesy devotional book. I was wrong. It was the best book I’ve read in a long time! I wish the book was longer-I’m sad that I’m finished! Kitty makes spiritual truths so easy to understand by telling funny stories about her cats!

Corrie L. Reed

Good Mews, dedicated to Kitty Chappell’s husband of 47 years, invites and delights the reader from beginning to end.

Kitty Chappell writes from her heart about her love for cats and about the lessons she has learned from them. She ties her feline-lessons to pertinent lessons from our loving God. The lovely, small gift book brings visual joy with every page; not only are the stories powerful, yet powerfully simple, but also the pages are filled with very subtle, soft and furry pictures of kittens and cats playing, preening, and probably purring throughout the book. Some actual photos of Kitty and Jerry’s cats are in the mix!

What a wonderful book for anyone who loves cats (and dog-lovers, too)! Kitty has a gift of drawing the subtlest of messages from her experiences with her feline friends. We glean soul food from: Kitty’s lessons learned, the playful kittens on the pages, the exciting “cat quotes” from a huge variety of people (some easily recognizable, some historical figures, and some simply “anonymous”), and the carefully chosen and very appropriate scriptures.

Finally, Good Mews reads on many different levels, so you may share it with a child who will delight in the pictures and the content of the surface stories; however, you may personally find many deep and profound lessons of life as you burrow into fur-filled comparisons with the compassion and, sometimes, gentle censure of our loving Father, His dear son Jesus, and our companion, the Holy Spirit. Fortunately, rather than Kitty’s messages being “in your face religious,” she speaks with a subtle, funny, gentle, and very soothing voice. I love this dear book, and I trust you will, too. Treat yourself to an evening or two of luxurious, delightful, and downright fun reading; then, if you can bear to part with the book, share it with a friend.

-Linda Perkins -book-lover