Soaring Above the Ashes on the Wings of Forgiveness

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Would Kitty Chappell ever be able to forgive her father?None of them had escaped his brutality—her mother, younger siblings—not even the family pets. As the firstborn of three children, Kitty felt it her duty to protect her family, but how? Her father had vowed he would kill them if they tried to escape or sought outside help.Despite his threats, they did escape—briefly—but Kitty’s father found them. While the family slept, he tried to murder their sleeping mother, leaving quietly only after he thought she was dead. But by the grace of God, she survived.Following a dramatic court trial, which hurled unexpected humiliation upon the hurting family, Kitty’s father was found guilty of premeditated attempted murder. To their shock, he received the minimum sentence—3-1/2 years. After serving only three years, he was released early for “good behavior”—free to hunt them down as he had threatened.God saved Kitty’s mother from an untimely death, but could He save her from a life of hate bent on revenge? Would Kitty allow God to help her Soar above the Ashes on the Wings of Forgiveness as He longed to—or would she refuse and live out her life by painfully re-stoking the glowing embers of bitterness?

Everyone has been hurt by someone! Kitty Chappell’s story is extraordinary not because of its anguish, but because against all logic, she has emerged whole. There are millions of survivors—but few overcomers. This book is about overcoming.

Read this amazing true story, with its twists and turns, and learn how Kitty ultimately forgave her father. Discover the secret of how this decision prepared her for yet another tragedy—a murder-suicide many years later.


Offering the restoration of hope has been the premise of my forty-year career working with high-risk, drug and gang impacted youth, couples and families. Kitty Chappell’s book on forgiveness has become an invaluable resource providing concrete evidence that healing is possible. It should be in the ‘tool box’ of anyone with a heart for helping families both in and outside the church!

- Dan Villarreal,
Strengthening Families Program Director, Former Probation and Parole Officer

Kitty Chappell’s skill at writing, her honesty in telling her story, and her transparency in sharing her pain, combine to make Soaring above the Ashes on the Wings of Forgiveness, a compelling read. As each page reveals her life you will say, “It can’t be true.” By the time you finish, you too may be able to forgive!

Doug Ross,
President Emeritus Evangelical Christian Publishers Association

Soaring above the Ashes on the Wings of Forgiveness is a must-read! After its translation into Polish, Kitty shared her amazing story throughout thirteen of our cities where she was a living example that each of us, with God’s help, can forgive anyone. This inspiring book challenges us to be overcomers, not mere survivors—and it shows us how.

Jagoda Markiewicz,
Women’s Forum Director Warsaw, Poland

Kitty is not only a survivor, she is a hero. Her horrifying childhood makes her ability to forgive even more powerful. I learned so much from her wisdom and her heart. No one has to be a victim. Kitty teaches us how to soar.

-Karen Covell,
Television producer, coauthor of The Day I Met God

Kitty Chappell writes her powerful true life story in such a way that it is hard to put her book down, hard to not be involved, and almost impossible to not be transformed!

- Moises Menezes,
Filmmaker Warsaw, Poland

In a world filled with conflict and grievances at every level, Kitty Chappell’s compelling personal story book, Soaring above the Ashes on the Wings of Forgiveness, reminds us that even when life isn’t fair, things change when we choose to forgive. Most importantly, we change.

Mark Gilroy
Author of Cuts Like a Knife

Kitty’s story shook me to my core, and her path to forgiveness has provided a beacon of light that helps illuminate my way each and every day. If you seek an author who can touch your life in a powerful, positive and personal way, look no farther than Kitty Chappell and her book, Soaring above the Ashes on the Wings of Forgiveness.

Tim Winter
President, Parents Television Council

Bitterness and resentment can gnaw away at our souls if we don’t find forgiveness in our hearts. Kitty Chappell not only survived but overcame her painful circumstances, and this is her story.

Susan Titus Osborn,
Author of The Complete Guide to Christian Writing and Speaking

Nothing compares with divine forgiveness and the invitation to live it as revealed in Kitty Chappell’s life story, I Can Forgive if I Want to (now updated and revised as Soaring above the Ashes on the Wings of Forgiveness.) It was a blessing for me to translate this powerful book into the Nepali language—then observe how it helps our people to victoriously overcome trauma and injustice.

- D.P. Khanal
(Divya), (former Braham Hindu) Deacon, The Lord’s Assembly,Kathmandu, Nepal

In Soaring above the Ashes on the Wings of Forgiveness, Kitty Chappell presents a stirring testimony of God’s grace and reveals practical application of obedience to His command that we forgive others as He forgives us. The reward in this true drama is the author’s ultimate personal freedom and restoration. This book provides hope and help for all who struggle with the need to forgive.

Prema Caruna,
M.D., Doctor of Medicine and Psychiatry