Kitty Chappell

Kitty Chappell demonstrates the power of Christ, our risen Lord, in her life. Through unthinkable hurts, she was able to triumph to the glory of God. Through her book and her sharing at New Life Bible Camp’s Annual Women’s retreat, she touched everyone present with her joy and humor and solid teaching from God’s Word. The potential to bring God glory in the midst of extreme pain or even in the midst of the simple trials of daily living come through our choices. Kitty truly got to the heart of the matter…yielding to God and being obedient to Christ. She shared with us the process of yielding to the Lord as she forgave her father. Unforgiveness will bind us like a rope tied around our arms and legs and render us useless. But forgiveness will release us. Handing the rope of our circumstances to the One who can free us releases God’s redemptive power in our lives. Kitty is an “overcomer”, and her book and her speaking sessions reminded all of us that the same strength that she tapped into is available to each of us. If we choose to submit, we too can be “overcomers” by the power of Christ.

Kim Donaldson
New Life Bible Camp and Retreats
Buffalo Mills, PA

Kitty Chappell’s warm and inspiring heart for God was very evident as she shared with the ladies at our Women’s Conference and our church worship services. While Kitty’s life story is a very heart-breaking one, she is able to share it in such a way that it is God-honoring and motivational to others. I personally was challenged to take one step further in my “forgiveness journey” in life, while others in attendance left our time together with a new-found freedom from heavy life-long burdens in their lives.

Kitty’s love for the Lord is very evident in her daily life activities as well as in her professional endeavors. She has a wonderful gift from God enabling her to share down-to-earth, practical ways in which to apply Scriptural principles in each of our lives – no matter where we have come from or where we are going. What a blessing to stand together rejoicing in our faithful and gracious Heavenly Father

Annette Sites
Jerusalem Chapel United Brethren in Christ Church
Churchville, Virginia

I had the privilege of receiving an autographed copy of “The True Story of Kitty Chappell, Sins of a Father: Forgiving the Unforgivable”. Upon reading this book, I sensed the anointing of God. The life story of Mrs. Chappell is compelling and overcoming. I wept tears of joy to think our Lord could heal this kind of tragedy. How great the grace of God!

Not by chance, instead by the direction of the Lord, Mrs. Chappell and her husband were passing through Texas one weekend and upon hearing this news, I asked Mrs. Chappell to speak during our Sunday evening service and give her testimony. She admitted that her usual audience was not the entire church, but women’s groups. Her personal story spoke volumes. Her testimony was powerful and moving. I felt God speak to my own heart about an issue of forgiveness. When the invitation was given, we had a wonderful altar service. God moved in power. Remember, a moment ago I said she normally speaks to women’s groups. Well, I fully recommend she speak to the ladies of the church and the men as well. Her testimony is not limited. Just as God brought true forgiveness to Mrs. Chappell’s heart, so can he do the same for any!

Pastor, administrator, whomever, please don’t let an opportunity for Mrs. Chappell to share her life pass you by. I give my blessings upon her ministry.

Rev. Brad Williams
Senior Pastor 1st Assembly of God Church
PO Box 391
Van, Texas 75790

Arizona Community Church has had the privilege of having Kitty Chappell as a guest speaker at several events. She has captivated audiences of all ages, including Middle School and High School students. Her story is very interesting and life changing.

Kitty has a special way of presenting her story to her audience. She is informative, but also sensitive. I have had several students ask to have Kitty back again to speak so they can bring friends whom they feel should hear her story.

I highly recommend Kitty Chappell as a guest speaker to any audience. Our church has been greatly appreciative of her willingness to share her wonderful story.

Misty Balgaard
Arizona Community Church
9325 S. Rural Road
Tempe, AZ 85284

The women’s group at Lakeshore Bible Church was pleased to have Kitty Chappell, author of the compelling book, Sins of a Father, Forgiving the Unforgivable, speak to us at our spring luncheon.

We had never heard Kitty speak, though some of us had read her book and were moved by its message of forgiveness. We knew she could write, but could she speak? The resounding answer is “Yes!” Kitty’s humble, gentle presentation of her horrific story of abuse at the hands of her father gave me goose bumps. But even more powerful was her confident message of how she was able to forgive him and how we, too, can forgive those who hurt us deeply.

Kitty doesn’t sugarcoat the truth. Some people do not deserve forgiveness. The atrocities they have inflicted on others seem truly unforgivable. We may think we can’t or perhaps don’t want to forgive them. But forgiveness isn’t about the offender or what they deserve. It’s about the victim. Forgiveness brings inner healing to the one who was hurt. But she doesn’t leave it at that. Kitty gives practical advice on how to go about the business of forgiving the unforgivable and leaving the victim mentality behind.

I am honored to have heard Kitty speak. I confidently recommend her as a speaker for any group who has hurting individuals as part of its membership. As I see it, that includes about everyone, because who of us hasn’t been hurt by someone at some point in our lives? Kitty’s message is a healing salve to her audience as she extends God’s love, grace and forgiveness to us all.

Linda Carlblom
Women’s Ministries
Lakeshore Bible Church
6415 S. Lakeshore Drive
Tempe, AZ 85263