kitty_at_podiumWe’ve all discovered that where there is life, there is pain. As we struggle to gain coping skills to help us endure, survive, and overcome our past and present pains, who among us is satisfied with clichés—sugar-coated admonitions to “just pray and the pain will go away”? Kitty Chappell is an accomplished “where the rubber meets the road” international speaker who offers meat for the soul—something the mind can chew on. She is an award-winning author of three non-fiction books, Soaring Above The Ashes On The Wings Of Forgiveness, her riveting life story book, Good Mews: Inspurrrrational Stories for Cat Lovers, which contains true stories of how God enlightened her as she tried to train her cats, and Friendship – When It’s Easy and When It’s Not. Kitty is also the author of numerous articles, devotionals, editorials, and poems. Her inspiration and humor has encouraged audiences throughout the US and in Poland.


Forgiveness, God Inspired Wisdom, Words and Poetry, Women’s Issues, and Inspiration

Kitty speaks on Seeds of Abuse September 20, 2017 in Chandler, Arizona

Kitty Chappell was keynote speaker for the 9th Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Event, hosted by the City of Chandler Domestic Violence Commission.

Kitty is Kick-off speaker at June 21, 2014 Testify World 2014 Conference

Kitty Chappell was kick-off speaker at the Testify World 2014 two-day Conference held at Azusa Pacific University on June 21, 2014. Just a few of other notable speakers at this event include the distinguished Canadian American astrophysicist, Dr. Hugh Ross, scientist Stephen Cunningham with PhD in Theoretical Solid State Physics, and author/speaker Eddie Spencer who was honored by USA Today as one of their fifty national drug-fighting heroes. (In 2007, Eddie was featured speaker in Dr. Bill Cosby’s “Call-Out to the Community Session” which aired on Public Broadcasting Television for four months.)

Watch Kitty at Testify World 2014

Testify World is a vision for the world’s servant leaders to share the amazing work the Lord is accomplishing through the medium of shared experience. It’s where the Art of Storytelling meets the Power of Testimony.