Lou Ann’s Gift

Happy New Year
"I love you, Kitty," she said, voice breaking with emotion over the phone. "I love you, too, Lou Ann," I said gently, surprised. It’s not that Lou Ann and I were close friends. We had never said those words to each other before. We had never socialized personally or visited over coffee. As with many who are active in a large church, our contact was limited primarily to one area. She was the church pianist and I was a choir member and soloist. As my accompanist, she was ideal—following Read more [...]

Is Jesus Really the “Reason for the Season”?

Hmmm . . . Is Jesus Really the “Reason for the Season”? The answer to that question depends upon a person’s perspective. Some individuals don’t care what the Christmas season is about—just celebrate it, ban it, or ignore it. Others, who declare it loudly and fight for the right to do so, believe that Jesus is The Reason for the Season—yet privately admit they dread it, endure it and can’t wait for it to leave. Of course, all children long for it, love it, and enjoy it. But Read more [...]