How Can I Ever Forgive Myself?

Arms crossed and leaning back, he glared at me from the last row—brooding, narrowed eyes openly questioning my words. This was my first time to speak before a Celebrate Recovery group. I knew that these brave hurting men and women sitting before me were there because they wanted to rise above their circumstances. They had been wounded by too many wrong choices in life, choices made either by themselves or others. They also knew their only hope to build a new life is through a higher power. Read more [...]

Forgiveness – A new excuse for not doing it

OVCC 50th CA trip 038
I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard! As author of a book with the theme of forgiveness, and as an international speaker with a thirty-year history speaking on this subject, I thought I’d heard every possible excuse given for not forgiving. (For hadn’t I used them all myself, parroting each of them to God during my own battles with this issue?) But I was wrong. I missed one. When I first heard this unfamiliar excuse I was doubly shocked. First, because it fell from the lips of Read more [...]