Do’s and Dont’s for a Happy New Year



1.    Each day, think of five things you are most thankful for. The happiest individuals are those who are always grateful—regardless of their circumstances.


2.   Laugh more. When was the last time you enjoyed a deep, carefree belly laugh? Laughter releases endorphins, relieves stress, keeps you young, and definitely makes you more popular.


3.   Give people the benefit of the doubt. It is far better to think the best of a person and be wrong than to think the worst of a person and be wrong.


4.   Commit random acts of kindness often—such as anonymously picking up the tab for an elderly person who is eating alone in a restaurant.


5.   Never forget who the enemy is. The enemy is not a person, nationality, political party, or religion—it is Satan. Pray for his deceived servants, resist them and hold them accountable—but never hate them.





1.    Don’t drag old garbage of putrid resentments into the New Year. Start out fresh by forgiving, letting go and asking forgiveness.


2.   Don’t procrastinate. Whatever corrective steps you need to take regarding your health, finances, or relationships, start now.


3.   Don’t be easily offended. The slights that upset you may have nothing to do with you. You might be shocked if you knew how seldom people think of you—they have their own problems. (See #3 above)


4.   Don’t give in to irrational fear. Used skillfully, fear is a tool that can protect—but fear out of control becomes a destructive weapon.


5.   Don’t leave God out of your life. He knows you heart better than you do—He created it.  He loves you and can help you become more like you want to be. Trust Him, He knows how—He has lots of experience.