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Anchor Moments
 Anchor Moments with Gina La Benz
Gina La Benz and Kitty Chappell

Gina La Benz and Kitty Chappell

Kitty appeared October 7, 2019 as featured guest on Anchor Moments video show hosted by Gina La Benz, broadcaster, author and inspirational speaker.

Subject title: “The Amazing Freedom of Forgiveness” –
Every person alive has been hurt by someone and survived, but not all survivors are overcomers. Overcomers become better, not bitter—through forgiveness.” (Show #019)

Kitty’s interview, as well as those of other inspiring guests, can be viewed on and

Time for Hope Television Talk Show
Dr. Freda Crews and Kitty Chappell

Dr. Freda Crews and Kitty Chappell

Kitty was the featured guest on the Time for Hope television talk show in Spartanburg, SC, hosted by Dr. Freda Crews. Having appeared on this show, Kitty joins the ranks of many well-knowns who were also guests with Dr. Crews: Dr. Gary Smalley, Dr. Florence and Fred Littauer, Drs. Dave and Jan Stoop, Dr. Gary Chapman, David and Claudia Arp, Co-founders of Marriage Alive International, Inc. and authors of The Second Half of Marriage, Dr. Dan Allender, Psychologist, Founder of Wounded Heart Ministries, who authored The Wounded Heart, and many others.Kitty’s interview with Dr. Crews was viewed by approximately 6 million people throughout the United States and Canada. Following the airing of that show, Anslie Waters, Producer of Time for Hope, dropped Kitty a note stating “We had a higher than normal response to your interview and book. Thank you for being our guest.” Dr. Crews’ wrote, “We count it an honor and blessing to have you appear on Time for Hope. Your insights and expertise will help us motivate our viewers to believe that there is always Time for Hope.” – Dr. Freda D. Crews and Staff.

Sonoran Living Television Talk Show
Sonoran-Living_sidetile Kitty has appeared on Sonoran Living Television Talk Show as a featured guest, where callers participated with questions regarding abuse and forgiveness.
Aliento de Vida (Breath of Life)
Christina Ruiz and Kitty Chappell

Christina Ruiz and Kitty Chappell

Kitty was twice the featured guest on Phoenix’s local bilingual TV talk show, Aliento de Vida—Breath of Life, where she was interviewed and translated by host Christina Ruiz.

I am Christina Ruiz Gonzales from Breath of Life – Aliento de Vida, a bilingual inspirational program on Channel 44 Zion, in Phoenix, Az. As a host for the television program “Breath of Life- Aliento de Vida”, I came across many women & men who wanted to share what the Lord had done in their lives. The testimonies they shared were both shocking and powerful. It definitely showed that we serve a God of power! In 2008, a friend of mine shared with me the story of Ms. Kitty Chappell. I was blown away and I knew I had to have her on the program to share her story! As I had the honor of meeting Ms. Kitty, I was blessed by her testimony & I knew the audience would be also.We set up the date for her to appear and awaited anxiously for the time to come. We decided to have a two part segment, which would allow her enough time to share her story. When the first segment aired, the response was overwhelming! We kept the audience in suspense, and many called and asked “what happened” “what did she do”. (I always provided my personal number on the screen, so in the event anyone needed prayer, they would be able to reach me.) As the calls poured in, many shared how her story touched their lives. They cried & shared how they too came from a home that was broken and torn apart by domestic abuse, & how they have not been able to forgive. When they heard what Kitty went through, & how God gave her the courage and strength to forgive, they realized that God could do the same {for them}. Others would come up to me and say how this book was a blessing; it gave them strength, courage & hope to continue on. Breath of Life –Aliento de Vida, is a bilingual program. I wanted to be able to reach both the American & Latino community. Although the Latino community would not be able to read the book, as it is not offered in Spanish, they were STILL blessed by her testimony as I translated it, and mentioned they can’t wait until this book is offered in the Spanish language. Ms. Kitty is an amazing woman with a powerful testimony. It would be a great blessing to the Latino Community to have her book translated in Spanish, so they too can be blessed, encouraged, & strengthened, as I know I have.

–Christina Ruiz Gonzales